Does Circumcision Improve Sex?

As compelling evidence accumulates on the medical benefits of newborn circumcision, the anti-circumcision forces are now left only with the unsupported argument that sex is better with a foreskin. Now, even this claim is discredited. Recent published evidence indicates that circumcised sex is better. A previous survey of sexually active mid-Western women found that 75% preferred the circumcised penis. The reasons given included improved genital cleanliness and appearance. Interestingly, most of the women felt a circumcised penis looked “more natural”. Similarly a report from London found that 90% of the prostitutes surveyed preferred a circumcised penis, again because of better genital hygiene. Published findings in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) indicated that circumcised men engage in more varied sexual practices, and that older uncircumcised men were likely to have diminished sex drive compared to older circumcised men.

Within the past year 2 studies in the Journal of Urology found that adult circumcision does not adversely effect male sexual function. One study found no difference in sex drive, erection, ejaculation or overall satisfaction 12 weeks or more after adult circumcision, while the other found that more men reported benefits than harm from adult circumcision, and 62% were satisfied with having been circumcised as an adult. The current evidenced- based benefits of circumcision include protection against kidney infections, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and penile and uterine cancer, not to mention local penile infections, skin disorders and genital hygiene. These documented advantages should be measured against anecdotes and testimonials of the anti-circumcision groups claiming the sexual advantage of the foreskin, contentions that now have been contradicted by the medical facts.