Reviews and Testimonials by Our Customers


“I can’t live without sex. When I lost my erection, I became a mess. My GF gave this pill just to cheer me up, we didn’t expect a miracle. But at first a semi-hard and then hard boner appeared. We had a short but lovely sex. I was taking Generic Viagra pills daily (1 pill every 24 hrs). The result is more stable right now. I have a boner every night. I recommend. Thanks!”

Anonymous User, 48

“I’ve been using different Ed pills during 10 years. Cialis has no effect in my case, Levitra is too strong. The great surprise was Generic Viagra. Mind-blowing erections are not going to happen, but it will act as promised. Thanks for a quick and private delivery. I like to feel relaxed during an intercourse. This pill is my backup plan right now”.

Just Cole, 54

“Generic Cialis is really super, for my husband it is great. The problem is solved, and the drug is inexpensive. And in general, he now looks at life differently. When my husband started having problems with erection, a few scammers prescribed him a ton of dietary supplements. However, with the help of the Internet, I found this website and ordered Generic Cialis that actually helped”.

P.H., 57

“I never would have thought that I will problems with erection. From the age of 16, there was not a single shameful case in bed, and after 30 these cases happed one after another. Depression only worsened the situation. One friend advised me to try Generic Cialis drug. Only positive emotions. This pill really solved my problems and I am more confident”.

Pauly S., 36

“When the first sex problems appeared, I thought it was just stress. But then it became obvious that the problem is deeper. Hormonal issues that is why I was drinking various supplements and exercised a lot. But erections appeared only after using 8-9 Generic Cialis pills. The shipping service is A+, the effect is just A. Because I expected it will act longer. For me personally, Generic Cialis acts for 1 hour”.

Michael, 40

“Guys, take this pills right now! You won’t regret. Highly recommended. The pill acts very smoothly, no gas or nausea. I even allow myself a few drops of whiskey after using this generic. Average size of Levitra pills and hooray for a black package: it is my solution to all ED problems”.

Jimmy, 47

“I live in a small distant town, but the package arrived in a week – awesome! Everything was packed, as promised, in a very “spy” way. I tried as soon as possible) My wife was satisfied) I have been using Levitra for a long time. The effect comes much faster and lasts long compared to Cialis. At least for me. Thanks”.

Jeremy, 55

“The men who believe that women do not like sex as much as men are fools. As a woman, I also want sex and want my BF to be ready when the time comes, if you know what I mean. I have a very good guy, but he is older and his erection is not as well as it is used to be. This generic Levitra is a budget pill that will help to fix this mess in all the right way. The result met both mine and his expectations. Definitely yes!”

L., 43

“For the first time I ordered Generic Kamagra pill. But they delivered it quickly, they even made a discount of 5% because of holidays. The package was as anonymous as possible – A+ for privacy. And the effect is so fast that I was surprised how my dick can bone up so quickly. A good generic, unlike some cheap Chinese herbs my wife gave me before”.

John, 52

“When you do not have a persistent erection, it is very embarrassing. Fear paralyzes and you just freeze in a bed. It is extremely bad. But I overcame my fears and decided to order this medicine. I chose Generic Kamagra pills. They are great in my delicate situation. I chose this pill purely because of the price tag and discounts. The more you buy, the better. The pills act well and I feel more confident at sex dates”.

Billy, 50

“I need to confess… I took bad drugs and alcohol when I was 30. And one of drawbacks I have now, at my 40s, is very bad erection. To prevent the full impotence, I had to act. Generic Kamagra pill literally saved my sex life. My ladies are satisfied and though I need to keep more concentrated during the process. I am going to use kamagra pills till the rest of my life”.

H., 54

“Didn’t’ work for me… I am an active man, doing sports, take care of myself. But impotence is still a big problem, just like it was 5 years ago. I am 66 and I need an erection to enjoy sex. I was looking for the drug suitable for a long time, I’m generally against any pills, and then I found this Viagra P, the prices were nice and the service was ok. But I took 2 pills and nothing. Literally… Then I ordered generic Cialis and it helped a lot. My friend uses Viagra Professional tabs, I don’t why they didn’t work for me”.

Paul D., 66

“I ordered this pill with one specific purpose – to get rid of impotence. Viagra Professional helped. As promised in the ads, there were no strange feels and side effects. I was afraid to buy the drugs online but the price was too good to refuse. Anonymouos and quick delivery is a huge benefit. I have already tested the effect and it turned out to be incredible. In future, I will continue to order Viagra P pill to have erections”.

D.H., 49

“These are the best pills for my penis. That is it. I came twice last night and it was unexpected but nice, just like the old days. I am 56 and my wife is 15 years younger. I like to please her as long as I can, being intimate is important in our relationship. The old pal advised this particular brand. Viagra Professional pills are great for me. Thanks from me and my wife!”

Randy, 56

“It work in a quite strange and new way for me. At first, after taking a pill, I felt hot-blooded, cheeks and nose turned slightly red. Then the body’s temperature was ok. Priligy helps with a PE problem. My personal advice – take one pill at least 1 hour before a date to avoid sweating and red cheeks. I recommend!”

Matt, 39

“Very powerful drug. I would not recommend to mix with Viagra or Levitra. Dapoxetine generic or Priligy do the job just fine. You won’t finish quick but swallow on an empty stomach. Plus: no pain or itching in a penis when coming. Minus: hot face and increased heartbeat”.

Jeffrey S.K., 41

“My doctor prescribed a half pill to use before a sexual intercourse. To enhance the time before the release, Priligy starts acting slowly. It has a sort of accumulative effect – the more you take, the more stable your reaction during an orgasm. The doctor explained the full course before jumping to any conclusion. I am taking Priligy pills for 13 days and so far the changes are slow but steady”.

Anthony, 53

“it works! I didn’t believe Viagra Super Force (regular V with a bit of Dapoxetine) could cause and increase erection! It is one pill for 24 hrs, so obviously budget-friendly. I recommend to all men with erection problems, who are like me, over 40 )) A must-have medication to take before the treatment”.


“I didn’t expect VSF to be so effective. A nice surprise 🙂 I took the pills 3 times – so far no side effects, but take on an empty stomach. Thanks for such good combo pill. Make sure to increase the effect, but only with the recs from a personal doctor. Priligy is also good, but Viagra Super Force also triggers erection”.

Chad, 47

“I was impressed by this improved Viagra. I don’t have to count the time before sex. Take this pill 15 min beforehand and that’s it. The main drawback – won’t fit with alcohol. Booze makes these pills less effective. Otherwise, no side effects. In common, I advise Viagra Super Active 100 mg pills to everyone”.

Jorge, 44

“The best ED drug that I tried. I am over 50 and, thanks all gods, sex is really awesome and frequent. So I guess my opinion is more than relevant. Incredible feels, stable boner and nice release without any problems in the very end. Pick this ED pills if you are in my age, that is for sure”.

Jack, 53

“If you decided to buy an erection pill, then this is a great choice. Checked on my own. The effect is fast and long. The main thing is not to take a few pills and go to your date. I drank a pill and in 20 minutes and then slowly started a prelude. A nice pill to fully relax in a bed”.

Mick, 49

“Revatio, Viagra, Cialis – all ED pills act the same. The only difference is side effects. In my case, revatio turned out to be over average. Great alternative to Cialis. I ve noticed C-pills are less effective in time, that it when I use revatio pack. It doesn’t cause gases or any gastro problems”.

Simon, 38

“If to compare with Cialis usually taken by my hubby – Revatio doesn’t affect the heart rhythm. I bought a whole package after using a sample offered with our previous Viagra package. Awesome medication, with minimum side effects. The erection comes and goes naturally”.

Mandy, 45

“At first, I was told that such drugs are quite expensive. Although the price is quite acceptable, I am more than sure that I purchased the original Revatio. I took it repeatedly and the number of erections noticeably improved. Enjoy every second of your sex!”

Henry, 57

“Great drug. In fact, Kamagra oral jelly satisfied me with this fast action. At the same time, the effect is not worse than the other pills. The main thing is to take. Erection do not happen as much as you want, but they are regular when there is a strong desire. The super effective generic that tastes nicely”.

Jason, 46

“Surprisingly nice stuff. I have already tried many pills but this medication is peculiar. Zero side effect is terrible. Quick action is a major advantage for me. The effect may not be so long, but not everyone can actually engage in 8 hours of sex, so the difference in longevity is not significant. Take, relax and have a boner! Just kidding, the drug is amazing.”

Charlie T., 59

“I live in a very small town, with only one drugstore where the seller knows me since childhood. Besides buying Viagra or Cialis is very difficult because they are available only with a prescription. Online order of Kamagra Oral Jelly was more than a solution when I found out about impotence. The price was ok, the effect was better than I thought”.

Klaus, 57

“I used to be a famous lady lover in my 30s. But after 45 my dick stopped reacted at all. Viagra helped for a while, but I had nausea each time I took it. Cialis Soft fixed this problem and the effect was mind-blowing. I hardly can concentrate – I have an erection of a 20-year-old me. It is wonderful”.

Rich, 49

“I do not often have sex, due to a 50-hour working week and frequent traveling. And also I had an embarrassing problem with premature ejaculation. My wife certainly did not like it. She recommended to try Cialis Soft pills. After 2 pills my erection came back and I can control them right now”.

Hank, 51

“It is very difficult to admit that you have problems in bed. However, I began to look for a way to solve this problem. I found it pretty quickly – the drug Viagra Oral Jelly 100 mg fully satisfied my sexual needs. The delivery was anonymous. Got a boner, now I am happier. Great remedy with A+ effect!”

George, 58

“I got a job with so many hot ladies around me. And I could not invite anyone to an intimate date, because of my weak erection. Kamagra and Cialis did not work for men. Viagra oral jelly sachets are tasty and work efficiently. The drug helped me a lot. It is the best choice that gives a chance to enhance erections”.

Bill, 53

“I never would have thought that I might need such drugs, as I had never complained about my health. In local pharmacies, nothing like this is for sale. And it is a bit shameful to buy such pills personally. Besides, the online guys very quickly delivered this medicine to me. And the effect of Cialis Super Active pill met all my expectations. To say politely – it is worth of every dollar spent”.

Nicky, 49

“I advised my husband to try this remedy. At first I thought that he would just have a boner for a couple of minutes, but no, it was…different. We had sex for a few hours. He came 2 times, but he did not stop until I came. Why have not we ordered this medication earlier? Definitely yes to Cialis Super Active”.

Laura, 45