Viagra, Stendra and Levitra are widely used for treatment of erectile dysfunction. These remedies are quite similar, but each of them has its own followers. The aim of such medications is to help men to achieve natural erection and enhance penis firmness. Levitra, Viagra and Stendra for sexual disorders belong to the class of PDE5 inhibitors. They function in accordance with one and the same principle: prolongation of nitrogen oxide action in blood vessels’ walls of penis. Due to presence of nitrogen oxide, blood stream to sexual organs increases. The discovery of nitrogen oxide influence on blood vessels was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1998 as one of the most important breakthroughs in medical sphere. The main differences between these medicinal products lie in duration of their action. Such remedies, as Stendra and Levitra are accepted by organism differently: some men prefer the first drug, others – the second one resulting from genetic distinctions between patients. Each man has his own unique reaction on medications. And there is no drug that could be equally perfect for all people. Let us examine each drug for erectile dysfunction and determine the main discrepancies in their action, composition and effects.

Stendra: a Specialty on Pharmaceutical Market

StendraStendra is a new medication developed by specialists in medical area and pharmacology. Not so many modern medicines can take so strong, fast and long-lasting effect as Stendra is able to provide. Regardless of the fact that the medication was launched for sale recently, it became quite popular. Stendra advantages can hardly overestimated. Being a competitor of famous Viagra, Stendra takes a softer action. The first effect occurs in 15 minutes after tablet’s intake and can last within ten hours. Stendra has minimal quantity of side-effects and is easily cleared from male organism. The main Stendra indication to usage is erectile dysfunction and impotency. The causes of these conditions may be hidden either on physiological level or instinctively. Besides its main effects, Stendra takes positive impact on overall health condition of a man toning its muscle bulk and soothing a state of nervous system. Also, Stendra is prescribed for patients who want to prolong the time of sexual intercourse and restore necessary erection level.

Active action of Stendra allows hitting an all-time high in sex. A patient has a boost of erection and potency; he gets rid of earlier detected signs of erectile dysfunction; duration of sex improves and overall hormonal profile in organism normalizes. A man is able to have sex several hours in a row and to achieve a strong orgasm.

Profile of Reputed Viagra

ViagraViagra pills are an effective solution allowing representatives of stronger sex to forget about problems connected with either weak or premature ejaculation, short-term erection or irregular orgasm. Lately, headlong development of medical research studies gave opportunity to create Viagra providing strength, energy and restoration of lost sexual possibilities for a short period of time. In comparison with other medicinal products, Viagra has a number of undeniable advantages including long-term action, few side-effects, and quite affordable price.

Viagra is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Long-term impairment of erection;
  • Absolute absence of sexual arousal;
  • Lack of desire to have sex;
  • Premature and short-term ejaculation;
  • Weak and non-sensitive orgasm;
  • Incapacity to please a partner;
  • Soft state of penis in erected condition;
  • Impairment of functioning of male sexual system;
  • Presence of any form of ED;
  • Absence of blood supply to penis during coitus;
  • Other psychological factors.

Viagra is to be taken 30-40 minutes prior to sexual intercourse; maximal daily dose is 50mg. Viagra administration may be combined with food intake or pure water. Indispensable condition of effective application of Viagra is presence of sexual desire for a partner, as well as stimulation of penis before sex.

Levitra Usage Peculiarities

LevitraLevitra is unique and efficient medication that is prescribed for treatment of sexual disorders and enhancing potency in men of all age groups. Erectile dysfunction implies incapacity of a man to achieve and preserve erection sufficient for fully-realized coitus. Levitra’s active component, vardenafil, has not only high-performance but the least quantity of adverse effects. The drug’s effect is observed thirty-forty minutes after intake. Vardenafil gets absorbed in the walls of gastro-intestinal tract fast, relaxes smooth muscles of cavernous bodies, and boosts blood flow to penis enhancing local action of endogen nitrogen oxide in cavernous bodies during sexual stimulation.

Long-term application of Levitra by a patient normalizes hormonal balance, in particular, it causes enhancement of testosterone level, increase of semen production, and acceleration of semen motility rate. Levitra is not a stimulant of sexual desire. Its action is not effective in case of absence of sexual excitement. The drug is recommended for administration by men suffering from weak erectile function or its absolute absence. Impairment of sexual abilities may be observed in man belonging to various age groups. Levitra is a therapeutic medicinal product for maintaining and restoration of normal erection. Nevertheless, in case of potency issues, consultation by a specialist is required, since sexual activity may be dangerous in case of severe cardiac disorders.

Stendra, Levitra and Viagra: Let Us Compare

There are several different points of view on this theme. Such medications, as Viagra (sildenafil), Stendra (avanafil) and Levitra (vardenafil) are widely used for treatment of erectile dysfunction. They help to 1) restore erection; 2) preserve erection; 3) boost firmness of penis in erected state. Those medications that provide fast effect do not stay long in organism ensuring limited duration of their action. Patients who tend to plan their sex prefer fast-acting medications, such as Stendra or sublingual Levitra. Other patients will rather choose medicines of long-lasting action, such as Viagra or traditional Levitra that are able to preserve their effect within a prolonged period of time.

Stendra is one of the most fast-acting medications for erectile dysfunction. In order to start functioning, Stendra requires only 15 minutes; nevertheless, it can stay in organism up to six-eight hours maximum. Viagra and Levitra are somewhere in the middle, since they need thirty-sixty minutes for onset time. As a rule, they stay in organism longer and can work up to 6-12 hours.Notwithstanding the fact that PDE5 inhibitors are of similar action, different remedies affect men differently. One medication may be more effective for this man and be useless for another.

Side-effects of this class of remedies, known as PDE5 inhibitors are similar, but not identical, since these medications chemically resemble each other, but not one-to-one. It is important to note that while adverse effects are similar, different medications may take diverse impact on various people. For instance, one medicinal product may cause this side-effect, whereas the other one – not. Therefore, is a patient experiences adverse effects after the intake of a particular drug, it may be sufficient to substitute it another PDE5 inhibitor.

The most frequently met PDE5 inhibitors’ side-effects are as follows:

  • Headaches;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Blushing;
  • Indigestion or dyspepsia;
  • Pain in muscles;
  • Urinary tract infections;
  • Fever;
  • Changes of color perception;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Backache;
  • Nausea;
  • Vertigo;
  • Rash.

Very rare side-effects requiring immediate medical attendance that you must know of are:

  • Sudden impairment of hearing or absolute hearing loss
  • Sudden eyesight loss in one or both eyes
  • Erection preserving longer than for 4 hours

Also, it is important to know very useful tips for usage of ED drugs.

  • Medicinal products for sexual disorders (Viagra, Levitra, Stendra) work better when taken fasted (1-2 hours before and after food intake).
  • ED medicines cannot cause erection by the wave of the hand. They are just able to provoke its occurrence.
  • These medications won’t enhance sexual desire without sexual stimulation or masturbation.
  • Avoid combination of PDE5 inhibitors with alcohol, it may cause side-effects and slow down the action of remedies.

Medicirc is known for offering an extremely wide range of highly efficient and safe drugs for treating erectile dysfunction. One of the leading drugs on this market is undoubtedly Cialis – a potent pill tested by millions of men. However, in the years following the first release of Cialis, several other ED drugs based on tadalafil have been developed, such as Cialis Professional, Cialis Super Active, and Cialis Super Force. We often receive messages from our customers asking to clarify how these drugs are different from each other and if it’s really worth buying Cialis Professional as opposed to classic Cialis. We hope that this short overview will dispel your doubts.

Mechanism of action: is Cialis Professional different?

Cialis vs Cialis ProfessionalBoth pills contain tadalafil as their active ingredient. Tadalafil has been approved for treating ED almost 15 years ago and has proven very efficient and safe. Just like other chemical compounds for treating ED (such as sildenafil and avanafil, for instance), tadalafil belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitors and works by blocking the enzyme known as PDE5, which prevents proper blood flow to the penis. Tadalafil allows the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum (an internal area of the penis filled with tiny cavities and capillaries) to relax and fill with blood, which leads to its engorgement – that is, an erection.

While both Cialis and Cialis Professional both contain tadalafil and work in essentially the same way, their composition is not the same. First of all, the medical engineers who created Cialis Professional have invested years into reengineering the molecule (that is, creating a compound with an identical chemical formula but a different layout of carbon, hydrogen and other atoms) in order to achieve the strongest possible attachment of the drug to PDE5 molecules, together with better selectivity (meaning that the tadalafil molecule should attach to PDE5 but not to very similar PDE4, PDE6, etc.). Second, the composition of inactive ingredients has been fully reworked, excluding those that could cause adverse reactions and including components that can improve the absorption of the drug.

Potency and duration of effect

Cialis vs Cialis ProfessionalGeneric Cialis at present is vastly superior to the first version of the drug that hit the market n 2003: the new Cialis is a third-generation drug that most of our customers are extremely satisfied with. At the same time, our clients repeatedly report that they do get more impressive results with Cialis Professional with the same dosages, and often the effect of Cialis Professional exceeds that of a much higher dose of generic Cialis. As we have mentioned before, this is due to the fact that Cialis Professional represents the results of the latest medical research and contains a truly unique and potent formula.

The standard half-life of Cialis is around 18 hours, meaning that even after 36 hours one-quarter of the active ingredient remains in the system and repeated intercourses are still possible (that’s why Cialis is known as the weekend pill). Traditional Cialis has to be taken one or two hours before intercourse.

Cialis Professional, by contrast, has a longer half-life and is absorbed faster, resulting in a much more durable effect (after 30 hours men still get reliably strong erections, and many of our customers have reported the duration of up to 50 hours!) and a shorter onset. According to the statistics My Canadian Pharmacy has collected, 30 minutes are usually enough for Cialis Professional to work.

Safety – does Cialis Professional have worse side effects?

Some of Medicirc customers are concerned that the increased potency of Cialis Professional may mean that it has stronger side effects. The reality is quite the contrary: the reengineering of the active ingredient molecule and of the inactive ingredient composition was done partly to reduce the risk of adverse reactions. In the 10+ years that have passed since the release of Cialis, a lot of knowledge has been gained about how tadalafil interacts with the body, and in particular on the mechanisms of PDE enzyme selectivity. Apart from PDE5, found mainly in the penile area, there is a whole group of PDE enzymes that all perform similar functions – keeping smooth muscle in various areas of the body tense. This includes an enzyme in the intestinal lining walls and another present in the retina of the eye. Many of the side effects reported by Cialis users were due to the action of tadalafil on these other PDE enzymes. For instance, some users reported changes in color perception (seeing everything in bluish hues) and blurred vision – both issues are attributable to the inhibition of the PDE compound in the retina. Another similar compound, found in blood vessel walls, lies at the root of such effects as flushing (reddened skin on the face) and running nose. And the intestinal trouble that some men experienced (diarrhea and abdominal pain) are due to the blocking of the intestinal variety of PDE.

Cialis Professional, by contrast, has been engineered with all this latest research results in mind, and the risk of adverse reactions has been minimized. Granted, some men will exhibit side effects due to genetic predisposition, but in general we have received very few reports of negative reactions to Cialis Professional.

Dosages and prices: is Cialis Professional worth the extra dollar?

One great advantage of generic Cialis is that it comes in so many different dosages. We offers a large selection, from 20 mg to 100 mg and even 200 mg. Each of the dosages is available in several different pack sizes, from 30 to 120 pills. The prices for Cialis are extremely affordable and depend on the dosage and the number of pills in a pack: for instance, one 20-mg Cialis pill from a large pack will cost you just over $1.5! My Canadian Pharmacy rightly prides itself on its affordable prices – we work with the most trustworthy suppliers and constantly negotiate to offer our clients the best prices on the market.

As for Cialis Professional, it is available in two dosages – 20 mg and 40 mg of tadalafil, with pack sizes varying from 30 to 90 pills. While the price of each individual pill is higher than that of traditional Cialis, a lot of our customers who have switched to Cialis Professional admit that they do not regret the extra expense: indeed Cialis Professional gives a longer-lasting effect with fewer side effects.

So what should you choose? Take the advice of our technicians: analyze your needs. If you have never taken Cialis before, or if money is an issue, start with the smallest dose of generic Cialis. If you find the effect satisfactory and experience no adverse reactions, you may wish to stick with Cialis for a while. If, by contrast, you feel you need something stronger, it is definitely worth investing in Cialis Professional. And if you have any remaining doubts, remember: the highly-experienced customer support team of is always at your service, 24/7, wherever you are.

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Viagra Coupons: Convenient and Discreet

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Brand Manufacturer vs Products from Canadian Pharmacies

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Get Coupons from Canadian Pharmacy

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As every new erectile dysfunction drug enters the market, it is natural to ask how it compares to its predecessors and direct competitors. Indeed, medical science does not stand still, and every year brings a promising new drug to treat ED. Some of them work faster, others work for longer or have fewer side effects. Just like the days when the Ford T-model was the only car available to mass consumers and you could choose (in the words of Henry Ford) any color as long as it was black, we are thankfully long past the days when men could choose any ED drug as long as it was simple classical Viagra.

Here at Canadian pharmacy, we employ a dedicated medical team to study new drugs and negotiate with suppliers in order to find out everything, down to the last detail, about each new product. Our customers frequently ask us which drug is best suited for them personally based on their objectives and health condition. Naturally, many users ask for our opinion on how Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra compare in terms of efficiency, side effects, and price. And now, with the rise of the new generation of ED drugs, we are getting a lot of questions about the differences between Viagra Professional, Cialis Professional, and Levitra Professional. You will find all the necessary details in this overview.

Mechanism of action – do they work in a different way?

Viagra ProfessionalWhile all three drugs work in a similar way, there are differences. The active ingredients in Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, as well as in their Professional versions, are sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil, respectively. All these compounds belong to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. Essentially, they work by inhibiting an ezyme called PDE5, which prevents the smooth muscle of the penis from relaxing properly and blood from filling the penile tissues. In other words, unless PDE5 is blocked, an erection cannot occur. At the same time, the starting point for an erection is still the release of nitric oxide in response to sexual arousal. Therefore, Viagra Professional, Cialis Professional, and Levitra Proffessional all require that a man be sexually aroused before the drug can work and produce an erection

The main difference in the mechanism of action of the three drugs is their selectivity. PDE5 is so called because it is just one of the range of very similar enzymes that control blood flow and muscle contraction in various parts of the body – in fact, they range between PDE1 and PDE12. While an ED drug is generally designed to work primarily on PDE5, it can be almost impossible to exclude any influence on some other PDE enzymes, which results in side effects. For example, a partial blocking effect on an enzyme present in the retina of the eye can result in color vision alteration, blurred vision, or even – in case of rare genetic diseases – vision loss.

In terms of selectivity, Levitra Professional is considered the leader among the three ED drugs – it has minimal blocking effect on all PDE enzymes except from PDE5, which is only present in the penis. Therefore, we can say that Levitra Professional’s mechanism of action is the most advanced and best-engineered of the three.

Potency – which produces the best erection?

Cialis ProfessionalThe first thing to note here is that we consistently get more enthusiastic results from our customers concerning the quality and strength of erection produced by the Professional series of drugs than by the classic generic versions of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. My Canadian Pharmacy gathers its own statistic and conducts regular market analysis to determine which drug is indeed more efficient, and our figures show that Viagra Professional is the most potent and efficient verison of Viagra that is available in Canada, and the same can be said for Cialis Professional and Levitra Professional. These drugs do not just contain a larger dose of the active ingredient – in fact, the molecule itself has been reengineered to bind to the enzyme as strongly as possible. Besides, the composition of the inactive ingredients has been perfected in such a way as to maximize the effect.

So now we have determined that the Professional series as a hole is more effective and produces stronger erection than the classical generic medications. How do the three drugs in question compare between themselves?

All three produce reliably strong erections when used correctly. However, according to our internal data, 93% of users remain fully satisfied with the erection quality brought on by Viagra Professional as opposed to 89% with Cialis Professional and 85% with Levitra Professional. What is the reason for this difference? According to our medical team, the decisive factor may be that most users’ first choice is Viagra Professional due to its fame and popularity on the world market. In fact, so many men buy Viagra Professional as their first-ever experience with ED drugs – and remain very happy with it – that they never need to turn to other medications. However, the users who for some reason do not wish to use Viagra Professional (perhaps due to a history of side effects experienced with older-generation versions of Viagra) may turn to Cialis Professional and Levitra Professional instead. Many of these users have accompanying medical conditions or disorders, such as decreased libido, which make it hard for them to get properly aroused – and as a result, their experience with ED drugs is not always fully satisfying.

As for statistical figures, Viagra Professional wins in the Potency category; however, in the conditions of proper arousal and full compliance with the rules of use, all three drugs will produce equally strong erection.

Onset – Which drug works faster?

Let us first note that all three medications from the Professional series have been engineered to provide a faster response to their older counterparts, making the onset time almost twice faster. This is achieved by the faster breakdown of molecular bonds between the active ingredient and the inactive components of the pill by the enzymes in the stomach – it simply takes less time for sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil from the Professional drugs to reach the penile tissues!

As anyone who has used classic Viagra or Cialis knows, it is recommended to take those pills at least 1 hour before the planned intercourse, and with standard Levitra this time is reduced to 45 minutes. With the Professional series, by contrast, the time is much reduced. Viagra Professional and Cialis Professional work in as little as 30 minutes, and Levitra Professional comes into force even faster – in just 15 minutes! This amazing result signifies a true victory for medical research: finally true spontaneous, passionate sex is possible for men suffering from ED. In the Onset category, Levitra Professional is the winner.

Duration – should you choose Viagra Professional, Cialis Professonal, or Levitra Professional to last longer?

levitra-professionalOur service is known for its large range of high-quality ED drugs for all categories of men with their various goals, health conditions, and needs. We understand that some men need more potent, faster-acting drugs, while for others the duration of the effect can be the decisive factor. However, one of the main questions we get from our customers is for how long a drug works.

The duration of a drug’s effect stems from its half-life period – the amount of time which it takes our kidneys to filter and flush out half of the active ingredient. Thus, if a half-life period equals 5 hours, it means that 5 hours after you take the pill you still have 50% of the chemical compound in your system, and that 5 more hours later you still have 25%. At that concentration the drug sill has noticeable effect.

Cialis has long been called “the weekend pill”, meaning that just one pill can last you through a whole romantic weekend spent mostly in bed. In reality, however, the effect of classic generic Cialis doesn’t quite reach 2 full days and constitutes circa 36 hours. Cialis Professional, as an improved, more advanced version of Cialis, lasts even longer: the reengineered tadalafil molecule has a longer half-life effect, resulting in an amazing effect duration of 50 hours!

Viagra Professional and Levitra Professional both have a much more prolonged effect compared to the older versions: up to 8 hours for Levitra Professional and up to 9-10 hours for Viagra Professional, which should be more than enough for most users. Throughout all this time, a man is able to recover quickly after having sex and have multiple repeated intercourses. Cialis Professional definitely wins in this category, but in most cases the difference many not matter – 8 hours are more than enough for a passionate evening!

Side effects – are Viagra Professional, Cialis Professional, or Levitra Professional dangerous?

There is a common misconception that Viagra and other ED drugs are dangerous and very often lead to serious side effects (many headlines on the Internet, in fact, would make you believe that such pills can make you blind or deaf or even kill you). Clearly, any drug can produce an adverse reaction, and ED medications actually produce much fewer side effects than many other OTC drugs. Canadian Pharmacies sells only the safest versions of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra available in Canada, so we simply wouldn’t offer you the Professional series if our data showed that it has a higher risk of side effects than the classic Viagra.

Luckily, the thorough reengineering process that produced these pills also allowed to minimize the risks of side effects. We get very vew reports of any negative reactions from our customers concerning Viagra Professional, Levitra Professional, or Cialis Professional – in fact, the prevalences are 4% for Viagra Professional (as opposed to 6.3% for classic Viagra), 3.1% for Cialis Professional (compared to 5.2%), and only 1.1% for Levitra Professional (compared to 2.3%). These figures mean that the new versions of the active ingredients are much more selective (see the Mechanism of Action section) and do not affect other PDE enzymes, as well as the fact that the inactive ingredients used in the new pills are completely neutral and do not cause a reaction.

That said, side effects do happen. For all three drugs they are more or less the same: headaches, indigestion, flushing (reddening of the skin), runny or congested nose. They usually pass within an hour after taking the pill and do not spoil the overall experience.

It is important to note that so far there have been no reports of any serious side effects associated with the Professional series drugs. Indeed, with the older versions of generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra available in Canada. For example, no instances of priapism (painful erection that doesn’t go away and may require an amputation) have been recorded, and not cases of partial vision loss, either.

As for the comparison between our three drugs, Levitra Professional is the most selective of the PDE5 inhibitors and thus has less risks of side effects. Consequently, Levitra Professional wins the title of the safest ED drug in our review.

Price – Is Cialis Professional, Viagra Professional, or Levitra Professional more affordable in Canada?

We are prides itself on continuously providing the best prices on the market. We make Viagra Professional and other ED drugs affordable to all men in Canada by constantly negotiating with our suppliers and by economizing on scale. Our customers receive 4 bonus pills from free with every order and enjoy regular discounts, sales, and coupon offers.

When comparing the prices for Cialis Professonal, Viagra Professional, and Levitra Professional, we have to keep in mid their other advantages and different objectives of their users. Viagra Professional is definitely the most affordabel – the prices for the 50mg version start at only $0.55 per pill! Levitra Professional 20 mg can be had for just $2.45 per pill, while Cialis Professional – with its amazing 40+ hours of action – comes at $3.62 per pill.

This difference can seem dramatic, unless you consider that Viagra Professional comes in a great range of dosages and pack sizes. When the equivalent doses and packs of the three drugs are compared, the price difference becomes much less pronounced: one pill of Viagra Professional 100 mg in a 30-pill pack costs $2.74 per pill. As you see, with moderately-sized packs you don’t save too much (or at all) by choosing Viagra Professional as opposed to Levitra Professional. Still, in terms of raw numbers, Viagra Professional wins.

So which of these three highly efficient, safe, and innovativ drugs is the best overall? The answer is that they are all great and justifiably take their place among the most popular ED drugs in Canada. You have to objectively analyse what is more important to you – long effect, the lowest risk of side effects, or the lowest price.

We hope that this review has helped you to choose which of the Professional series drugs are better suited to your needs. However, if you have any remaining doubts, please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated customer support team of – we will be happy to help you make the choice!

Viagra Super ForceThe appearance of Viagra on the global market 20 years ago has started something akin to a new sexual revolution – suddenly it was not taboo anymore to talk about erectile dysfunction, and this common sexual disorder became a topic of public discourse. So much was written about ED causes and treatments, in fact, that many now seem to think that erectile dysfunction is the most common of all male sexual disorders. However, this is not so: the most common is actually premature ejaculation, which affects approximately 30% of men worldwide. The causes for PE are complex and can stem from a childhood trauma, a hidden chronic health condition, issues of self-confidence and body image, imbalances of neurotransmitter production, stress, and relationship problems.

While both ED and PE cannot be treated per se (that is, there is no drug to make them go away forever), there are very efficient modern drugs that can remove the symptoms. is one of the leaders on the market of PE and ED drugs in Canada, offering a wide range of remedies to suit all needs and budgets. Naturally, we stock the most famous and justifiably popular PE drug – Priligy, which is already used by  millions of men worldwide. However, in the last couple of years, a brand-new, extremely innovative drug appeared on the market – Viagra Super Force, which combines sildenafil (used to treat erectile dysfunction) and dapoxetine (the main compound in Priligy). Which of these two drugs should you choose?

Mechanism of Action – our technician explains the difference

As we have already noted, the active ingredient in Priligy is dapoxetine, while Viagra Super Force includes both dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate – the main component of Viagra. Dapoxetine belongs to the group of compounds known as SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which includes many antidepressants. Dapoxetine works by balancing the production of the key neurotransmitter serotonin, which also regulates mood and emotions (interestingly enough, serotonin is mostly produced in our gut, not in the brain). Scientists still do not fully understand why SSRIs can help treat the symptoms of premature ejaculation.

Sildenafil citrate, on the other hand, is a potent compound used to treat erectile dysfunction. It works by blocking the enzyme known as PDE5, which prevents the smooth muscle in the penis from relaxing. Sildenafil increases the blood flow to the penis, allowing it to fill with blood and engorge, producing a strong erection. The effect of sildenafil lasts for several hours, shorting the recovery after sex and enabling multiple intercourse. We offers a great selection of the most efficient and potent sildenafil-based pills, such as Viagra Professional and Viagra Super Active.

Why would one want to combine dapoxetine and sildenafil? Aren’t PE and ED two different disorders? Well, they are and they are not. These two dysfunctions very often go together, and one can easily cause each other. Erectile dysfunction is also often caused by an underlying medical condition (such as diabetes), relationship problems, stress, and other psychological reasons. What’s more, ED very often leads to PE: when a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, he gets stressed whenever he does manage to produce an erection, afraid that it will go away. As a result, he tries to finish the intercourse as quickly as possible (so as not to lose the moment), and the sex keeps getting shorter and shorter, eventually resulting in PE – meaning that the man cannot control his ejaculation or prolong the sexual act beyond one minute or so.

Thus, it is not surprising that solving the erection issue can greatly improve the symptoms of PE. Once a man realizes that he can get and sustain a strong erection whenever he wishes with Viagra, Cialis, or other highly efficient ED drugs, he relaxes mentally, his stress is relieved, and he finds himself able to control the ejaculation again.

According to statistics, 63% of men experience a significant improvement in their PE when they start taking Viagra, with the average length of intercourse rising three or four times. Dapoxetine by itself can have a similar effect, though it affects PE from another, more physiological angle.

By combining sildenafil and dapoxetine in one pill, medical engineers created an absolutely new drug – Viagra Super Force, which provides the best of both worlds – a strong, lasting erection and a better ejaculation control and much longer intercourse. Of course, Canadian Pharmacies also provides just classic generic Priligy, with dapoxetine but without sildenafil. However, Priligy lacks the power punch of sildenafil. Therefore, Viagra Super Force wins in the category for the best-designed mechanism of action.

Efficacy – do you really need sildenafil?

We constantly collect data provided by our customers in their reviews. We receive hundreds of reviews  and questions, only a small part of which are published on the website, and many are from men seeking treatment for premature ejaculation. A lot of them start with Priligy, as the classic PE drug, but then become curious to try something more advanced. In this case, our technicians often recommend Viagra Super Force as a powerful alternative, especially when it’s on sale or when there is a coupon for it. We ask our customers to report their success with the drug, and the figures are very telling: 88% of users who tried both drugs report a significantly stronger effect of Viagra Super Force when compared to Priligy.

Our customers write that the action of sildenafil dramatically increased their self-confidence, made them feel more virile, increasing the length of the intercourse up to 10 times. What’s more, 43% reported that after two months of using Viagra Super Force, their overall PE became much less severe. As we have said, many cases of PE are nothing but a side effect of erectile dysfunction. Some men wrote to us that the use of Viagra Super Force helped them fix their relationship with their wives or girlfriends even when the intercourse remained rather short (remember, many men with PE cannot prolong the sexual act for more than 30 seconds, and even an x10 increase just gives them 3 minutes). Thanks to the action of sildenafil, they could now have sex 3-4 times with just one pill, with only a short recovery period between them. Therefore, they were finally able to satisfy their partner.

That being said, many users experience such great results with Priligy that they do not feel any need to transfer to a more potent drug like Viagra Super Force. This is mostly the case with men who have no trouble developing an erection but have no control over their ejaculation. This means that when a man does not suffer from any ED symptoms at all, the efficiency of Viagra Super Force for him may be limited.

Still, considering how many among our customers experience a great improvement treating their PE with Viagra Super Force, it wins in this category.

Side effects, interactions, and overdose – is Priligy safer than Viagra Super Force?

Clinical trials of dapoxetine (Priligy) have revealed very few side effects – overall, it is considered a safe drug. Some men have reported headaches, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, insomnia, and stomach ache. Only about 1.5% of Priligy users have to stop using the drug because of its side effects. Dapoxetine shares its side effects with other SSRIs, taken to treat depression. In people with psychological disorders, the drug can cause mood swings and anxiety. Contrary to the popular misconception that Priligy decreases libido, less than 1% of men report this effect.

As for contraindications, Priligy should not be taken by men suffering from liver damage and heart disease, as well as by those taking antidepressants. No cases of dapoxetine overdose have ever been reported.

Sildenafil, on the other hand, has somewhat more possible adverse effects and contraindications. 5-7% of users report such reactions as headaches, nausea, flushing in the face, congested or runny nose, abdominal pain, dizziness, and even changes in colour perception and blurred vision. Some more serious adverse reactions have been registered, including vomiting, fainting, irregular heartbeat, and partial (temporary) vision loss. Overdoses of sildenafil are also possible and have happened (though never with Viagra Super Force), resulting in fainting, arrythmia, and priapism (painful, extremely prolonged erection that does not go away by itself). Of course, all the registered overdoses have occurred after taking over 10 Viagra pills at the same time (thus exceeding the dose of 1000 mg of sildenafil at once), so the chances of overdosing yourself on Viagra Super Force is practically zero.

Sildenafil does have some contraindications. First of all, it should not be taken by men suffering from low blood pressure (hypotension), as sildenafil and other PDE5 inhibitors can lower it even further. Second, it is not recommended for people who take nitrates for chest pain (angina). Finally, men with heart and liver disease should consult their physician before taking any ED drugs. If you are not certain if you can use Viagra Super Force, please don’t hesitate to contact the our customer support team – our highly qualified technicians will ask you all the necessary questions and give an advice.

While both Priligy and Viagra Super Force are safe (and definitely much safer than many other OTC pills), we have to acknowledge that Viagra Super Force combines the possible adverse effects and contraindications of Priligy and Viagra. For this reason, Priligy wins in the safety category.

Potency and onset – which works faster, Priligy or Viagra Super Force?

Priligy should be taken circa one or two hours before the planned intercourse, with or without food. There is no indication as to what you should or should not eat, but alcohol should be avoided. Dapoxetine does not have a long half-life period  and, more importantly, it does not shorten the recovery time, so one Priligy pill is generally enough for one intercouse. Many men report that it makes their orgasm brighter.

While classic Viagra should be taken one hour before intercourse, just like Priligy, Viagra Super Force sold by online Canadian pharmacies  contains a cutting-edge, reengineered version of both sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine molecules and an exclusively designed composition of inactive ingredients that allow to shorten the onset time. As a result, Viagra Super Force starts acting in just 30 minutes! Sildenafil citrate has a half-life period of 5 hours, meaning that even 10 hours after you take the pill, you still have circa 25% of the active ingredient in your system and you are still in action! This way, you can have sex several times with short recovery periods between them and satisfy your partner even if each individual act is not too long. In fact, 78% of our customers report that the level of their partner’s satisfaction is “significantly higher” when taking Viagra Super Force as opposed to just Priligy. Once again, Viagra Super Force has to be considered the winner.

Prices – Is Viagra Super Force or Priligy more budget-friendly?

Medicirc makes it one of its priorities to offer the most competitive prices on the market to its customers. Be it Priligy, Viagra Super Force, Cialis, or Levitra, you can rest assured that you will not get better prices at any of the other large online pharmacies in Canada. Apart from our regular great rates, we offer numerous discounts and sales that cover all our pills, including the most expensive ones. Moreover, we include 4 bonus pills for free with every order, and our registered users receive numerous exclusive coupons, allowing to buy pills with a cumulative discount of up to 20%.

That said, it is quite understandable that the price for a drug that contains two active ingredient simply cannot be lower than that of a drug that has just one. Viagra Super Force comes in two dosage combinations: 100 mg of sildenafil with 60 mg of dapoxetine and 100 mg of sildenafil with 30 mg of dapoxetine – and in a range of pack sizes up to 100 pills in each. The price starts at $3.25 per pill. By contrast, Priligy is offered in the dosages of 30 mg and 60 mg and in packs of up to 90 pills. If you have never taken dapoxetine before, we strongly recommend that you start with the 30 mg dose in order to test for adverse reactions. Our prices for Priligy are simply amazing – they start at just $0.76 per pill!

Such a price difference seems like a strong argument in favour of Priligy. Indeed, for first-time users, it is advisable to try Priligy first and then transfer to Viagra Super Force if you feel you need a more potent a long-lasting effect. However, while price can be a decisive factor, do not forget that Viagra Super Force gives you much more than a higher dose of dapoxetine – you get an opportunity to develop a stronger erection, experience a brighter orgasm, and please your partner multiple times. These advantages are definitely worth the extra expense.

Still, thanks to its fantastic price, Priligy wins in the Price category.

What should you choose?

You won’t be surprised if we say that the final choice is a matter of individual needs and health condition. If your main problem is PE and you have no problems with getting an erection, we advise that you try Priligy first. If you already suffer from ED, however, and have tried dapoxetine before without any serious side effects, you can get great results with Viagra Super Force. In any case, remember that the dedicated and experienced customer support team of is at your service 24/7 – simply contact us, and we will do our best to assist you in making an informed choice.

The industry of online pharmacies is thriving, especially in Canada, where legislation is created in favor of customers. The number of online drugstores is growing day by day, and there’s a slight possibility that they will fully replace the brick-and-mortar pharmacies. What will happen, if usual pharmacies disappear? Let’s imagine the outcomes.

Not All Online Pharmacies Are Created Equal

It’s not a secret that Canadian drugstores offer splendid discounts, and the price of generic medications is generally lower. According to the study published on NCBI, The majority of prescription drugs can be purchased at lower prices from Canadian online pharmacies when compared to Medicare beneficiaries’ potential expenses. Purchasing medications from Canadian online pharmacies may be a viable option to address cost barriers. Researchers compared the prices of the top 100 Medicare drugs in Virginian drugstores and Canadian pharmacies.

Yet, not all online pharmacies are created equal. For example, one Internet study of 2013 that was dedicated to observing 136 online pharmacies found out that:

  1. The number of active Internet pharmacy websites was reduced; 23 of 136 (16.9%) online pharmacies ceased operating within 12 months and only 67 examined websites (49.3%) were accessible at the end of the 4-year checking period.
  2. Although the majority (120/136, 88.2%) of the Internet pharmacies in case distributed various prescription-only medicines, only 9 (6.6%) actually requested prior medical prescriptions before purchase.
  3. Numerous online operators (60/136, 44.1%) were defined as rogue Internet pharmacies, but no legitimate Internet-based pharmacies were among them. 23 (16.9%) websites were unapproved, while the remaining (52/136, 38.2%) websites were not available in the LegitScript database.

That proves that the vast majority of online pharmacies are far not reliable. However, some well-established Canadian drugstore websites, such as Canadian Pharmacy, were up and running for years without tricking customers. Practice shows that the local medical legislation contributes to the reliability of online drugstores.

Why Canadian online pharmacies are so superb?

The Internet of Canada offers several well-established online pharmacies with affordable prices and a wide choice of generic and over-the-counter drugs. They offer a consistent level of service together with a broad selection of products. Canadian pharmacies serve to provide people from all over the globe with affordable medications and savings up to 90%. Throughout over 15 years of their existence, Canadian online pharmacies have helped millions of customers to save on medications by providing products from licensed manufacturers.

What do people think about Canadian drugstores? Customers reviews are mostly positive: people value the fact that they can offer prescription drugs at much lower prices, and all products are 100% original. The vast majority of American customers is satisfied with customer support and discounted rates for shipping.

Making purchases in Canadian pharmacies means enjoying the following benefits:

  1. 24/7 customer support that helps at every stage of purchase starting from the registration process and finishing by delivery.
  2. Shipping right to purchaser’s door: people save time and stay anonymous.
  3. Great choice of medications. You can find almost any drug you need – from eye care products to erectile dysfunction pills, and have them delivered right to your door.
  4. Absolute safety of personal information. All ordered prescriptions are mailed directly to purchaser’s address from the pharmacy.
  5. Fast and convenient shopping experience. All forms are easy to work with, and website navigation is a no brainer. User-friendly customer service with a knowledgeable team helps to make the right choice.
  6. Medication quality is guaranteed. You can always request a quality certificate and stay assured that an official Canadian online drugstore abides by Canadian legislation.

Other reasons for customers to love Canadian pharmacies are:

  • Excellent protection of private information.
  • Automated refills.
  • Comparison of bids from trusted vendors only.
  • Additional services for easy and convenient pharmacy shopping.

Canadian pharmacies are especially praised by men

What male customers will find especially great are low prices on erectile dysfunction remedies. With Canadian online drugstores, they can order generic ED medications without overpaying. Customers prefer buying analogs of popular brand Viagra, Cialis and Levitra at a fraction of their cost. Besides, regular customers are granted ED drug coupons and discounts.

Should usual Canadian pharmacies be replaced?

Well, despite all the superiority of online Canadian drugstores, this question is still controversial. Why? Because there are still problems and issues that online drugstores cannot address. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of replacing brick-and-mortar drugstores by Canadian online pharmacies.

Pros Cons
Convenient shopping experience – there’s no need to leave your home to make purchases. The products will be delivered right to your door. In an emergency situation, people cannot wait for a medication to be delivered – they should have access to the nearest drugstores around the corner in case of unknown unknowns.
Medications are much cheaper than in the usual pharmacies. Coupons and discounts also help to save. Canadian pharmacies don’t offer as many medications as usual drugstores do. Not all brand medical products have analogs.
Generic drugs are present. Many of them aren’t sold in usual drugstores. Sometimes, people need a live consultation with a pharmacist. In the case with online drugstores, a web consultation might be not enough.
Online pharmacies allow making bulk purchases that save a lot of money. This is a very efficient way of saving. There’s a risk that medications can be delivered damaged/get lost/outdated. In a usual pharmacy, you can take the product in your hands, check it out, and replace immediately.
A lot of medications are provided in different forms and packages, so a customer is free to choose the most suitable dosage and a number of pills. For international customers, the time of delivery isn’t agreeable enough.

Thus, there’s still controversy over the benefits and drawbacks of online drugstores. Both forms of shopping should be available for customers to enjoy fast and easy access to required medications without overpaying.

Recent statistical evidence from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) (see figures below) indicates that in the United States (U.S.) newborn circumcisions among non-immigrant boys have increased over the past 2 decades. There are over 100 million circumcised U.S. boys and men, encompassing about 70% of the total male population in this country. Currently 65% of U.S. baby boys are being circumcised in the hospital as newborns, and at least another 5 – 10% of males will be circumcised later for foreskin problems and cultural reasons.

The CDC found that the total U.S. newborn circumcision rate rose very slightly (from 64% to 65%) over the two decade period, from 1979-1999, but the breakdown of these statistics is revealing. There have been increases in circumcision among blacks (from 56 to 64%) and in newborns from the Midwest (from 74 to 81%) and the South (from 56 to 61%), areas of the country with the fewest new immigrants. In specific communities very high circumcision rates are being reported: 84% in Atlanta, Georgia, 85% in Houston, Texas, and 92% in a Wisconsin community served by a pediatrician opposed to circumcision. In the Georgia survey the medical record face sheet reflected only 84% of the circumcisions actually done (O’brien, Southern Med J 1995); prevalence would have appeared to be only 70% using the face sheet diagnosis alone, as the CDC does suggesting that the CDC figures underestimate the true prevalence of newborn circumcision.

In view of these specific high and increasing circumcision rates why have the overall percentages not increased more? The answer lies on the West Coast, particularly in California, where the circumcision rate fell from 64% in 1979 to 37% in 1999. In 1979 the majority of births in California was among non-immigrant whites. By 1999 Hispanic infants constituted the largest group (46.5% of newborns); only 31.2% were non-immigrant whites and 6.2% were black; most of the rest were Asians. Hispanics and Asian immigrants rarely have their newborn boys circumcised. Since these 2 ethnic groups make up over 56% of California newborns, even if 100% of non-immigrant white and black infants were circumcised, the overall prevalence of circumcision in California would be under 40%, an explanation for the 37% Western circumcision rate reported by the CDC. In the East there is a similar though less marked effect, since there are proportionally fewer immigrants.

The rising non-immigrant circumcision rate in the U.S. probably represents growing public awareness of the compelling published medical evidence favoring circumcision. Since the 1980’s more than 15 separate studies have shown that uncircumcised male infants are about 10 times more likely to get serious kidney infections in the first year of life. Uncircumcised men are 22 times more likely to get devastating, invasive penile cancer. Over the past 15 years evidence, mainly from Africa, has shown that uncircumcised men are 2 – 5 times as likely to get human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection on exposure. Public response in Africa has resulted in a call for adult male circumcision. In the face of this increasing proof of the health benefits of circumcision, it seems likely that the newborn circumcision rate in the U.S. will continue to increase.

For details, documentation and references of the recent CDC data confirming rising circumcision and for medical publications regarding circumcision logon to or

Conventional wisdom (CW) holds that uncircumcised men have more sexual pleasure and penile sensitivity than those who have been circumcised. These claims arise from anecdotes and testimonials and have no scientific basis. Recently published medical research explodes the myths of better sex and sensitivity due to the foreskin.

We previously mentioned 2 reports in the Journal of Urology within the past year that showed that sex is just as pleasurable without a foreskin as with one.To do such research requires men circumcised as adults who have experienced sex before and after the procedure . One such study found no difference in sex drive, erection , ejaculation or overall satisfaction after adult circumcision , while the other found that more men reported benefit than harm from being circumcised.

Now there is evidence that circumcised men have the same degree of penis sensitivity as those who are uncircumcised. In a report from the Montefiore Medical Center to the American Urological Association this year no statistical difference was found between 43 uncircumcised and 36 circumcised men subjected to a variety of measures of sensitivity . These included response to vibration , pressure , spatial perception and warm and cold thermal thresholds .

Coming on the heels of increasing documentation of the medical benefits of newborn circumcision , particularly in the prevention of kidney infections in infants and protection against HIV in adults , these studies of sexual function constitute a further argument in favor of universal newborn circumcision.

During the first year of life, an uncircumcised boy is 10 times as likely to develop a kidney infection as is a circumcised infant. These serious infections are caused by fecal bacteria binding to the moist undersurface of the foreskin and moving up the urinary tract. The predominance of kidney infections in uncircumcised infants was first described in the 1980’s coincident with an increasing move from cloth, to paper-lined to super-absorbent polymer diapers. Leakage of loose stools, common with cloth and paper-lined diapers, is prevented by the new polymer diapers.

Superior fluid absorption means that the diapers remain dry longer, necessitating less frequent diaper changes. Infective fecal bacteria are thus kept closely in contact with the foreskin for a longer period, increasing the chance of infection. Kidney infections in uncircumcised infants below the age of 1 year can result in kidney scarring and abnormal kidney and hormonal function. Further, the infection can spread to the bloodstream and have fatal consequences, particularly in babies below the age of 2 months.

The health risk of efficient absorption of body fluids was pointed out over 20 years ago, following an outbreak of “toxic shock syndrome”, a severe often fatal infection. It was noted that this disease followed the introduction of super-absorbent vaginal tampons, which promoted longer retention of the tampon in the vagina. Pathological bacteria were given more time to grow and produce dangerous toxins, resulting in shock, and death in some cases. The super-absorbent tampons were recalled from the market.

There is evidence that the risk of kidney infections in uncircumcised infants is increasing. In the 1980’s it was found that about 1% of uncircumcised infants developed kidney infection. Recent studies from California and Sweden indicate that this has risen to 2% of uncircumcised infants. Can this disturbing trend be tied to the increasing use of super-absorbent polymer diapers? Answering this question may prove to be difficult, given the continued efforts of the multibillion-dollar disposable diaper industry to develop increasingly absorbent diapers (New Yorker magazine, November 26, 2001) and the current absence of relevant research studies on this issue.

Parents who decided to have their babies circumcised were more likely to be satisfied with their decision than were parents of uncircumcised boys. A California survey of 149 families (81 had babies circumcised, 68 did not), published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, found that parents who failed to have their sons circumcised were significantly more likely to feel they made the wrong decision when questioned at the offspring age of 6 to 36 months. Compared to parents of circumcised boys those parents felt they had not been given adequate information about the procedure or been asked if they wanted circumcision. The parents of the circumcised infants tended to be white (83% circumcised) and better educated (63% college graduates) while Hispanic parents most often chose not to circumcise (16% circumcised) and were less well educated (9% college graduates).