Sex And Sensitivity In The Uncircumcised Man

Conventional wisdom (CW) holds that uncircumcised men have more sexual pleasure and penile sensitivity than those who have been circumcised. These claims arise from anecdotes and testimonials and have no scientific basis. Recently published medical research explodes the myths of better sex and sensitivity due to the foreskin.

We previously mentioned 2 reports in the Journal of Urology within the past year that showed that sex is just as pleasurable without a foreskin as with one.To do such research requires men circumcised as adults who have experienced sex before and after the procedure . One such study found no difference in sex drive, erection , ejaculation or overall satisfaction after adult circumcision , while the other found that more men reported benefit than harm from being circumcised.

Now there is evidence that circumcised men have the same degree of penis sensitivity as those who are uncircumcised. In a report from the Montefiore Medical Center to the American Urological Association this year no statistical difference was found between 43 uncircumcised and 36 circumcised men subjected to a variety of measures of sensitivity . These included response to vibration , pressure , spatial perception and warm and cold thermal thresholds .

Coming on the heels of increasing documentation of the medical benefits of newborn circumcision , particularly in the prevention of kidney infections in infants and protection against HIV in adults , these studies of sexual function constitute a further argument in favor of universal newborn circumcision.